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Helping you find fitness and balance from home.

EatTrainLive Membership is an online hub created for busy people who want to find ways of improving their fitness and wellbeing around a busy professional and/or family life. We want to help you find balance and grow into a fitter, healthier, happier and stronger you.  

Focusing on improving your nutrition, movement and lifestyle can literally change your life and how you feel. 

We include weighted and bodyweight fitness sessions, yoga and pilates, written workout programmes, recipe ideas, and lifestyle guidance.

It can be hard to find time for your fitness, wellbeing or self care - so we have sessions from 20 to 60 minutes to choose from. Treat this space as a little slice of 'you time', log on and you'll leave feeling stronger, energised or relaxed (depending on your movement choice), empowered and healthier.