Find your Balance. Transform Your Life.


At Eat Train Live, our focus is YOU and helping you feel great!

We offer nutrition, fitness and wellbeing programmes and services that will help improve your health and wellbeing, achieve your goals, improve your relationship with food, fitness and your body, and become Fitter, Healthier, Happier and Stronger. 

Our Coaching team is knowledgeable, qualified and experienced in a number of areas of fitness, health and wellbeing, and will guide, support and motivate you whether it's in person as a 1-2-1, small group or group class, or online, plus we know you will be smiling and have a good laugh too.

We have years of experience helping lots of people make positive changes, see great results physically and mentally, and transform their life. The way we do it is by helping you focus on the three words in our name...


Educating you about your nutritional needs & helping you find a healthy relationship and balance with food.


Encouraging you to train yourself physically and mentally to create a healthy body and mind. 


Supporting you to create a healthy, active & balanced lifestyle full of healthy habits. 

We don't advocate fads or ‘quick fix’ diets here... Instead we encourage and empower you to achieve real, long lasting habits, health and fitness in a safe, effective way.

We're not an intimidating or faceless gym... We are a welcoming wellbeing and fitness facility based in St Asaph, North Wales, offering fitness, yoga, pilates, 1-2-1 and small group personal training, sports massage, and online fitness and nutrition coaching. 

WARNING: Side effects to joining Eat Train Live may include feeling incredible, having a ton of energy, finding balance, losing body fat, getting fitter, leaner and stronger, having confidence levels like never before and a bunch of new friends. 

Our community of people are all awesome individually, and on their own personal journeys, all encourage each other to keep going and be the best they can be. That's why our group and small group training can be so much fun as it makes fitness even more fun. 

If you want that too and to make a positive change in your life... Take action and get in touch today! 


Fitter Healthier Happier Stronger



Finding your balance.

Fuelling your body and mind.

From January 2021, we will be offering online nutrition coaching where we will work with you to improve your relationship with food and better understand the nutrition that works for you and your body.


Personal Training, HIIT, Lift, Ride, Yoga and Pilates. Quality Coaching either 1-2-1, or with the benefit of training with other positive, supportive and like minded people, training in small or medium size groups. 

We also offer an Online Membership where you can do our classes from home, and do classes live with us via Zoom. This continues in and out of lockdown, so we can help you with your fitness, by helping it fit into your busy life, even if and when you can't make it in person. 

Sports massage on leg


Sports Massage Therapy to increase mobility and range of motion, to reduce tension and stiffness, to prevent injury, and to promote physical and psychological wellbeing; sports massage should be used as an ongoing part of your training and wellbeing programme.

We are currently closed for in person, but our Sports Therapist is doing online consultations. 

I can highly recommend Eat Train Live - for any fitness level. You will be welcomed and encouraged to do your best and get the most out of your sessions. Every session is different which makes it really enjoyable.



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